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Advice From a Regular Golfer

Regular golfers reveal the best piece of golf advice they’ve ever received

We can’t help it. Recreational golfers, we love the game, and we’re unapologetically hooked on it. We’re also always trying to get better, which means we’re constantly on the hunt for a new tip that could prove the breakthrough for our games. There’s a ton of great information floating around out; the key is finding the piece of golf swing advice that works for you.

So, we asked the members of our How To Hit Every Shot Instruction group (which we invite you to join, too) a straightforward question: What’s the best piece of swing advice you’ve ever received? They came back with a host of simple pieces of advice that helped them the most — and could help you, too.

1. Stay in rhythm

Tempo is universal. But good tempo isn’t. Keeping a smooth rhythm in your golf swing can cover for a lot of sins, and it’s something golfers of every skill level can aspire to.

2. Grip it and rip it

Ah, yes, the John Daly approach. I respect it.

3. You’ll never see a good shot (aka, don’t look up)

Keeping your head down is probably the most common piece of swing advice ever — but don’t tell our Top 100 Teachers, who think it’s the worst piece of advice for golfers to follow.

4. When it’s breezy, swing easy

LPGA Tour player Anne van Dam says this is her favorite piece of advice, too

5. Swing the golf club like a mallet

I hadn’t heard this one before, but it’s probably a better way to hit down on the ball than keeping your head down.

6. Speed is more important than line in putting

This is especially important when lag putting, which is why it’s one of Jason Day’s putting keys.

7. Elbow and arms moving close to your body

Not all teachers like this piece of advice, but it’s Ben Hogan-approved.

8. Stop thinking too much

A universally helpful piece of advice here.

9. Don’t listen to random swing advice

This is also very helpful advice.

10. Hit the little ball before the big ball

A.k.a., hit the golf ball before the earth. If you’re hitting the big ball too early, you’ll struggle with fat shots.

11. Reverse K setup

So many golfers don’t set up to the golf ball with enough tilt, which can influence your swing path and cause a slice.

12. Don’t sway; rotate

This is a big one that most golfers need to learn at some point during their journey. You want to move a little side-to-side on the backswing, but not too much.

13. Swing with your feet together

Legendary coach Pete Cowen thinks 90 percent of golfers should swing this way.

14. It all starts with the correct grip


15. Swing for right field

Lots of golfers start the game by coming over the top. Swinging for right field helps groove an in-to-out motion.

16. You only get one fast, and it shouldn’t be your backswing. Low and slow.

Low and slow is another of golf’s most time-tested tips.

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